Ektoplazm: Free music portal and psytrance label

Internet Archive Netlabels: Collection of netlables on A new independent music platform solution to support artists and labels



Wonk#ay: South London based psy-net-label & online distributors

Twisted Minds Records: Mexican label for twisted darkpsy

Underground Alien Factory: Goa, acid, nitzhonot and ambient netlabel

Sun Station: Saint-Petersburg based Russian Psy and Goatrance label

Cronomi Records: Israeli label for new-school Goatrance


Digital Diamonds: Advanced psychedelic techno net-label

Glitchy.Tonic.Records: Label with a gigantic catalogue run by Robert Hundt (AKA Radioactive.Cake, Zeitgeist, Dark Passenger, and Munstrous)

Uroboros Records: Deep and twisted psygressive label from Brazil

Insonitus Records: Australian label bringing the unique sounds of North Queensland to the world.

Insonitus Records: Underground psygressive label based in the UK

Mind Tweakers Records: Dark progressive trance label based in Brazil

Multiplex Records: Progressive psy-electronic net-label from Germany

Jaira Records: Israeli based label run by Pick & QawaBeat pushing psy-minimal & psy-techno sounds

Minimal/Dub Techno/Deep House:

Sonic Squirrel: Portal for a range of netlabels in the ambient techno, dubtechno and deep house headspace.

Cold Fiction Music: Ambient/Dub-Techno focused electronic net-label

Bio Mechanics: Techno & downbeat net-label operating from Ljubljana

Schall Netlabel: Focusing on deep, intense electronic music

Tropic Netlabel: Micro-house & techno net-label based in Frankfurt

Insectorama: Minimal music German net-label based in Leipzig

Deep-X Recordings: Russian based techno net-label

Shoki Recordings: Sub-label of Deep-X specializing in minimal-techno

DeepinDub: Venice based deep-house and dub-techno net-label

Fuse Lab: Deep ambient, techno and micro-house net-label

Deeplimit: Ukranian deep-techno net-label

Idealtechno: Minimal-techno net-label

Miniscule: Electronic experimentalism

Temiong Recordings: Ambient/dub-techno label based in Buenos Aires

Sound Source: Deep-techno and deep-house sounds from the Netherlands

Drum n’ Bass:

Plain Audio: Drum n’ Bass & experimental electronica

Zardonic Recordings: Skullstep & hardcore DnB

Rebound: An early .MOD-based net-label now on

SC:Digital: Subvert Central underground network

Fools Forest: Dubstep and DnB

T-Free: Tilt Recordings/T3K release blog


Sutemos: Legendary Lithuanian IDM net-label

Acroplane: Ireland based experimental electronic label

[Kahvi Collective]: Kahvi style free electronic grooves (many releases)

Passage: Ambient/Chillwave net-label

X-Line: Ebm, Idm, Ambient and Downtempo net-label

Energostatic: Music net-label specializing in deep and ambient artifacts

Breathe Compilations: Deep space ambient netlabel

IDMf Netlabel: Netlabel operating parallel to IDM Forums

Soft Phase: A Nordic net-label

Algorithm Music: Dance-free, modern electronic music movements

Aventuel: Moscow based dreaming and meditative net-label

Monotonik: Netlabel specialiasing in mellow and melodic IDM

-N: Minusn multi-faceted net-label

Panospira: Experimental electronia from Canada

Yuki Yaki: Electronica, minimalism, clicks n’ cuts

One (yet another netlabel™): Intellectual electronica

Chill Out/Dub/Down-tempo:

Odgprod: Original Dub Gathering (also called “Odgprod”) is a French internet dub netlabel created by Ondubground

Mean Seed Records: Independent electronic music label releasing a diverse range of downtempo sounds

Zealotry Music: Free Danish chillout music

ParisDubActivitys: French dub net-label

4Weed: Electro dub n’ dubstep

Sub Out Dub In: Russian dub and reggae

Ninjah Lab: Electronic-dub label based in Poland

Jumble: Net-label focusing on dub/bass and future beats

Fresh Poulp: Eclectic electronic net-label with lots of dub

Jahtari: Digital laptop reggae

Future Electronica/Pop:

iD.EOLOGY: Cologne based net-label

20 kbps Records: Specializing in the sound of the lo-fi underground

23 Seconds Netlabel: Quality music from Gothenburg, Sweden

2063music: Fresh and futuristic ambient and techno from Germany

Electro-acoustic/Post Rock/Hip-Hop/Jazz/Funk:

12Rec: Postrock, glitchpop, futurerap soundz

Lost Children: Art, like knowledge, should be free to the world

Petcord: Experimental electro-acoustics and post-rock

Zymogen: Distinct electronic music

Beluga Recordings: Electro-jazz, breaks, dubtronica


Littlei: Event organisers for contemporary art and music in India

Chilluminati: Chicago area psy-trance and Goa culture

Chillumafia: Dub/breaks/glitch/world/downtempo DJ collective from India, Poland & USA

Electrypnose: Swiss based psytrance, electro, chill and minimal music producer

2to6 Records: Deep, hard, and tricky night-time psychedelic trance label

Istratrance forum: Community for international psy-trancers

T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi: Asheville based psychedelic community

Radio Schizoid: Online independent psytrance, progressive and chillout radio station