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Aatman Cover

Liquid Frequency presents Aatman, the second V/A in the Nature-Being-Machine EP Trilogy. While Aranya vibrated with the sounds of the forest and the wilderness, Aatman is slower paced to resonate with the environment of human beings as they visit those strange places that is a product of the imagination taking sounds of everyday life into deeper realms of the psyche. Featuring tracks by Yark Mandala (India), Dar Kapo (India), Elf De La Nooi (U.A.E.) & S.O.N.R (India).

Artist: VA
Title: Aatman
Label: Liquid Frequency
Style: Psygressive, Swamp, Techno
Region: India, UAE

Yark Mandala – Unsquare (127 BPM)
Dar Kapo – Bicycle Day (133 BPM)
Elf De La Nooi – Echoz In My Head (131 BPM)
S.O.N.R – Contortia (130 BPM)

Track 1 – w/p by Aryaman Agarwal
Track 2 – w/p by Aporajito Bose
Track 3 – w/p by Saurabh Sachdev
Track 4 – w/p by Rishi Handa

Album Art (Front)
Album Art (Back)

Mastered by Monno at Bimmelim Soundlabs
Paintings by Viraag Desai
Digital design by Yidam
Released in 2015 by Liquid Frequency

[ Download 24bit WAV ]

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Aranya Cover

Liquid Frequency presents Aranya, a 4 track sonic excursion into lush and layered forests. These groove driven dancefloor adventures have been conjured by artists from India and the UAE. Aranya, which means ‘forest’ in Sanskrit, showcases productions of the next generation, mastered by a veteran of the style: Monno @ Bimmelim Soundlabs. The artwork features paintings by Viraag Desai and digital design by Yidam.

Artist: VA
Title: Aranya
Label: Liquid Frequency
Style: Forest, Darkpsy
Region: India, UAE

Kosmic Baba – Serpent Gods (150 BPM)
Fraktal Sequence – Reality Distortion Field (149 BPM)
BubbleGuns & Alien Trancesistor – Krunch (148 BPM)
Elf De La Nooi – Carnival Castle (148 BPM)

Track 1 – w/p by Pawan Patel
Track 2 – w/p by Danny Saigal
Track 3 – w/p by Vinay Daswani & Vikram Vidyaranya Panduranga
Track 4 – w/p by Saurabh Sachdev

Album Art (Front)
Album Art (Back)

Mastered by Monno at Bimmelim Soundlabs
Paintings by Viraag Desai
Digital design by Yidam
Released in 2013 by Liquid Frequency

Download 16bit WAV
Download 320 kbps MP3

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Shanti Jatra 2 Shamans and Healers
Shanti Jatra Vol 2: Shamans and Healers. Compiled by Daksinamurti features 2 releases by Liquid Frequency artists!

Braindrop releases a self titled titled hypnotic dancefloor twister while India/Polish duo chillUMafia remix German producer Seamoon for the final chillout track on the release. Released on CD in 2012 this compilation is now digitally available on Beatport.

Listen to them here:

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Parvati Records Denmark

Danish label Parvati Records who have been the specialists in the psytrance scene since 2001 have made their entire catalog available on their website. It’s a great opportunity for those missed out on their out of print releases to grab them digitally.

They’ve got some great deals on CDs too!

Find them here:

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A fantastic netlabel operating between India and USA, Jellyfish Frequency Records pushes some of the highest quality nightpsy in the scene. Expanding soon into other forms of sound including Chillout and Techno. Find them at

Preview their stuff here:

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