Aranya Cover

Liquid Frequency presents Aranya, a 4 track sonic excursion into lush and layered forests. These groove driven dancefloor adventures have been conjured by artists from India and the UAE. Aranya, which means ‘forest’ in Sanskrit, showcases productions of the next generation, mastered by a veteran of the style: Monno @ Bimmelim Soundlabs. The artwork features paintings by Viraag Desai and digital design by Yidam.

Artist: VA
Title: Aranya
Label: Liquid Frequency
Style: Forest, Darkpsy
Region: India, UAE

Kosmic Baba – Serpent Gods (150 BPM)
Fraktal Sequence – Reality Distortion Field (149 BPM)
BubbleGuns & Alien Trancesistor – Krunch (148 BPM)
Elf De La Nooi – Carnival Castle (148 BPM)

Track 1 – w/p by Pawan Patel
Track 2 – w/p by Danny Saigal
Track 3 – w/p by Vinay Daswani & Vikram Vidyaranya Panduranga
Track 4 – w/p by Saurabh Sachdev

Album Art (Front)
Album Art (Back)

Mastered by Monno at Bimmelim Soundlabs
Paintings by Viraag Desai
Digital design by Yidam
Released in 2013 by Liquid Frequency

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Download 320 kbps MP3

December 13, 2013 · Posted in Liquid Frequency Releases