Years after the knowledge of the immortals was translated by Borzuy there emerged a text in the form of fables that spread across the new world. What first seemed like simple childlike stories of animals, fractalled into the minds of generations reflecting the secrets of conscious existence.

::: Kalila wa Dimna :::
compiled by LiquidNoize

The chapters unfold and the translation comes to life. These are sonic tales written by those from the land of its origin, India.

The storytellers are:

Farebi Jalebi
Silent Horror
Cacofonix & Alien Trancesistor

These stories have been compiled by master psychedelic astronaut LiquidNoize (Vinay Menon) and will be digitally released on the convergence of winter solstice and the last fullmoon of the year on 21.12.2010 through a portal of electronic sound accessible though

Follow the the journey behind the story with the 2009 release V/A Kalila. Available as a free wav|flac|mp3 download at:

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