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Artist: Various Artists
Album: Kalila
Format: mp3/flac/wav
Catalog: LFVA01
Release date: 29th May 2009

:: Tracklist ::

01.LiquidNoize – My friend EGo
02.Farebi Jalebi – Giggle Pit
03.Audio Psykosis – Senile Syndrome
04.Ouroboros – Dreamer
05.Adi – Tripplethree
06.MunkE – Close Your Eyes
07.Aghori Tantrik – Corpses Don’t Lie
08.Hydropanic – ChapOri
09.Allegoric Psynce – Travel through blackhole
10.Bloodclot – Salad Fingers
11.Spiral – eXpanding Aggresion

Hi Resolution Artwork
Front Artwork
Back Artwork
DJ Insert

Compiled by Audio Psykosis
Mastering by Kri @ AudioValve
Paintings by Dhiren SasmalCover (Front and Back):
Photos and digital design by Yidam

Released by LiquidFrequency in May-2009

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